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Wilcox Tree Service-Pruning


Pruning is a important part of tree health. Maintenance pruning helps promote a healthy and vigorous tree. This is important for both young and established trees.

  1. Removal of limbs that are rubbing against each other as well as the removal of dead limbs.
  2. Selective crown thinning to congested canopy.
  3. Selective removal of limbs that are rubbing on roofs, windows and wires.
  4. Selective removal of limbs that are too low and are hanging over driveways, streets, walkways and lawns
  5. Removal of limbs that are weak, diseased, and hazardous.

Pruning work should be done by a knowledgeable and licensed Arborist who understands the inner workings of trees and how each cut can affect the tree.

Pruning work that is done incorrectly can be unsightly and have a negative impact on the trees health due to decay, infestation, disease and consequently the trees health will decline.

At Wilcox Tree we have professional tree climbers and a 65′ aerial lift for safe, professional and reliable pruning service for you and your trees.