Why Mulch ?

For new planting the best time to mulch is right after they have been planted. For established plantings mulch is best applied in early spring since it helps to prevent weeds and helps plants recover from the winter months.

A recommended amount of mulch is two to three inches. Too much mulch can be harmful to plants, shrubs and trees. Too much mulch can also prevent water and air from passing through to the roots and suffocate plant roots which will result in yellowing of leaves and poor growth.

When mulching a tree, keep the mulch away from the base of the trunk in order to keep the crown exposed. If mulch is piled up around the base of the tree, the trunk may begin to rot and insects and disease may occur.
Wilcox Tree Experts LLC produces organic mulch that is very effective in mulching landscapes. The mulch is composted for 8 months and then run threw a tub grinder to produce a fresh, dark, organic, and uniformly sized mulch that looks great and works for your trees and plants.


    • Mulch can help soil retain its moisture.


    • Mulch can reduce the growth of weeds.


    • Mulch can keep soil warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, which helps to maintain a more even soil temperature.


    • Mulch that surrounds a tree or shrub can help prevent damage from lawn equipment.


    • Mulch can add to the beauty of a landscape.