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Wilcox Tree Experts-Insect Control


Insect and Disease Control on your property starts with a thorough evaluation of your trees and shrubs by a professionally trained and licensed arborist to determine the proper program needed for your trees and shrubs.  Insects and diseases can weaken your trees and shrubs and make them more vulnerable to fall into decline from uncontrollable environmental conditions. An annual treatment program offers the preventative measures needed to maintain healthier conditions. Along with tree and shrub care programs we offer tick control programs to keep your family and pets safe.

Applications Offered:

  • Organic Oil Treatments 
  • Systemic Injections and Root Drenching 
  • Foliage Applications 
  • Fungicide Treatments 
  • Tick Control

Trees infested with insects or diseases are weakened and vulnerable to fall into a greater decline from uncontrollable environmental conditions. This list of insects and disease is just a broad listing and goes into much greater size and detail. A free consultation to evaluate your trees and shrubs can be done with just one meeting. A simple program will lead to healthier trees and shrubs for a long and healthy life.